For Career Employees

Hatch Act Warning

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Depending on their occupation, APWU members who are USPS career employees belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service, or Support Services divisions. 

The APWU will always strive to bring good wages, benefits, and job security to our members. The benefits we enjoy are not given to us voluntarily by the Postal Service - every benefit is fiercely negotiated. Some of the benefits you could enjoy brought to you courtesy of the APWU include: Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA), healthcare and retirement benefits, annual leave, sick leave, holidays, protection against layoffs and dignity in the workplace. 

Your membership in the APWU shows a commitment to working together for better pay and benefits, as well as for dignity and respect on the job. It represents our understanding of the principle of strength through unity, both in demanding our rights on the job and in speaking to our nation's leaders about issues that are important to working Americans.

''It shall be the objective of the APWU to secure through collective bargaining and legislative effort a safe and healthy work environment, better working conditions and a better standard of living for the members of the APWU and their families."

Article 2 of the National Constitution.

Members' Bill of Rights


  1. Every member has the right to be respected as a human being.
  2. Every member has the right to be respected as a brother or sister of this Union.
  3. Every member has the right to freedom of speech and the right to be heard.
  4. Every member has the right to the freedom to listen.
  5. Every member has the right to the freedom of the press.
  6. Every member has the right to participate in the activities of this Union.
  7. Members shall not be denied the right to seek any office or the right to vote in this Union because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, handicap, political affiliation, age or religion.
  8. Every member has the right to support the candidate of his or her choice and to participate in that right with others.
  9. Every member has the right to a fair trial, to be represented by an individual of his or her choice and to proper appeal procedures.
  10. Every member has the right to be secure in his or her basic rights without fear of political, economic, physical or psychological intimidation.

Our mandate to protect the common interest of postal workers and our desire to secure better wages, reasonable hours, and safe working conditions where we work demands that we strive to sign up non­members into our union.

As a Union we act also to strengthen the labor movement and all issues that improve and promote working class families nationwide. We fight for quality health benefits for our members. Every day the union works to improve working conditions and safety at the post office. We work to provide help to in­jured and retired workers. One of our major efforts is to secure a living wage so we can support ourselves and our families. United We Stand~ Divided We Fall. Which side are you on?

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