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The Clerk Division is the largest division of the American Postal Workers Union. We proudly represent approximately 150,000 postal clerks in post offices large and small across the country. Clerks occupy more than 170 different position descriptions and can be found performing work at retail windows, mail processing, call centers, bulk mail entry, sales retention, and administrative office environments to name the most common. 

Conversation with the Clerk Membership: Accountability

(This article first appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

On behalf of the APWU Clerk Division national officers, I would like to express our gratitude in electing us as your APWU Clerk Division Directors. No one individual can face this challenge and succeed alone. We must all unite as a cohesive team, from the members on the floor, to the local and national officers of the APWU.

We all must hold each other accountable, and that includes you, the members on the floor. You are the foundation and the lifeline of the APWU. It is important that every member represents the Postal Service in a manner that will sustain the agency and the union. We must strive to be the best worker we can be and to provide the best customer service we can provide. We have an obligation to do our part as well as an obligation to hold the Postal Service accountable for giving us the tools, resources, and proper staffing to do our job to provide outstanding service to our customers. A part of that process is for the Postal service to abide by the negotiated USPS/APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

DBCS Staffing MOU

The parties agreed to the normal staffing of two Mail Processing Clerks on the DBCS at all times. The exceptions described in the JCIM Q&As must not be considered an alternative to the scheduling of two Mail Processing Clerks on the DBCS. During the exception periods described in the JCIM Q&As, 

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