About the MVS Division

The Motor Vehicle Service Craft is composed of APWU members who transport mail and maintain postal vehicles. It is — and always has been — the best-organized craft in the APWU. Approximately two thirds of MVS members are drivers and one-fifth are mechanics. The Motor Vehicle Service Craft also includes Driver Safety Instructors who train and familiarize all employees with driving duties and MVS Clerks who work in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities and in Transportation Departments in mail processing plants. 

Latest News

March 1, 2019

APWU National Executive Board Calls for the Secretary of Labor to Resign

On Friday, March 1 the APWU National Executive Board unanimously passed the following statement: Alex Acosta is unfit...

February 11, 2019

Wounded Warrior Leave

Consistent with the requirements of the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015, the Postal Service allows veteran...

October 3, 2018

"The Struggle Continues" - Moe Biller

(This article first appeared in the September/October 2018 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)  By MVS...

May 1, 2017

The Protection of Skilled Work Continues

(This article first appeared in the May-June 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) By Motor Vehicle...

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