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Postal Workers’ Proud Role in Our Democracy

Message from APWU National President Mark Dimondstein

As we enter the final stage of the 2020 election, every postal worker should be proud of our role in securing the public’s most precious democratic right – the right to vote. This year, an unprecedented number of voters chose to “vote-by-mail.” Whatever craft we work in, we were an important part of the process, a process that will continue to receive priority treatment over the next few days.

Despite the fact that the integrity of postal workers was constantly attacked by the highest office of the land, the honesty and dedication of postal workers to the people of this country was once again in full display.

The people were counting on us and we did not fail. Almost one-half of all voters have voted by mail, a tried and tested system. Ever more popular with voters, tens of millions more in a COVID world chose vote-by-mail as the safest way to access the ballot box and exercise our cherished right to vote.


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Postal Workers’ Proud Role in Our Democracy

As we enter the final stage of the 2020 election, every postal worker should be proud of our role in securing the...

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President Dimondstein on PBS News Hour

The vital role of U.S. Postal Service in American elections

With the election nearing and many parts of the U.S. in the grips of COVID-19, mail-in ballots have become a prominent issue. But President Trump has disparaged both the U.S. Postal Service and the integrity of voting by mail. What effect could his criticism have? William Brangham talks to Mark Dimondstein of the American Postal Workers Union and then Spencer Cox, lieutenant governor of Utah.

Save the Post Office on Meet the Press

President Dimonstein joined MSNBC's Meet The Press Daily's host Chuck Todd to explain how the new Postmaster General's slowdown policies are damaging the mail. He explained why we must reject the White House's attempts to kill the public confidence in our vote-by-mail system.

Saving our public Postal Service - a livestream with Sen. Bernie Sanders

In an event viewed live by hundreds of thousands of people, Sen. Bernie Sanders and the leaders of major postal unions discussed how we must work together to save our public Postal Service. 

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Pres. Mark Dimondstein, APWU
  • Pres. Fredric Rolando, NALC
  • Pres. Paul Hogrogian, NPMHU
  • Judy Beard, Political Director, APWU

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The People are Proving We're no “Joke”

(This article first appeared in the September/October 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

It is no joke when the U.S. President calls us “a joke.”

It is most concerning for our jobs and future. We are outraged that those who want to privatize the public Postal Service shamefully use the pandemic to try to accomplish their aims. We are angry that there has been no COVID-19 fnancial relief for the USPS, while private corporations have received $500 billion. We are dis- mayed that our service to the people is being degraded by the new Postmaster General.

In defense of our jobs, our union and the USPS, APWU members have turned our concerns and outrage into action. We have contacted Congress, talked to the media, signed and circulated petitions, educated our families and friends, rallied, messaged on social media, and united with our many labor and community allies and the U.S. people.

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